Alexander House Financial Services Ltd (AHFS) is a national Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) and Wealth Managers who can provide both standard and/or complex advice on pensions, investments, protection and mortgage products to individuals, corporates and professionals. We have local advisers all around the country or you can speak to any of our Specialists on Skype. If you want an honest, friendly and highly knowledgeable advice firm to deal with your affairs in a completely independent and un-conflicted basis- we are the firm to speak to.

Traditional Values

There was a time when your word was your bond and you made deals on a handshake. We wanted to build a business that holds true to those values, meaning you could trust us to give you the best financial advice and know you are safe in our care - and that means everyone, from our customers to our advisers and staff. Our ethics and expertise will enable you to enjoy a journey to financial freedom, one where you make the right choices for your future - with us guiding you along the way. We will do this with passion and determination.

Modern Thinking

We will always look at ways of using technology and innovation to make sure you get what you need, when you need it and for a price you can afford. We started this journey so you can be assured we will never stop looking for ways to improve what we do for you. We will constantly look to the future so we can help you successfully negotiate yours. You will be offered the choice between a traditional face-to-face meeting or a 'virtual' one - so you will always be able to access our specialists wherever you are in the UK. You will also be able to access all of your details on your own individual portal whenever you want to. Let us be your innovative financial adviser.

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Transparent Advice

Whether you are a saver, an investor, a protector or a borrower, we have specialists who can help guide you clearly and succinctly towards making smarter choices. We will tell you what we are going to do, when we are going to do it and how much it will cost and, to prove it, we will record every interaction with you. We will always be open and honest about our advice and will always tell you the pros and cons and costs of all of our recommendations. We want you to want to sing our praises to your friends. Let us be your champion financial adviser.


We believe in new initiatives in technology and can accommodate meetings via Skype, Teams or Zoom at a time to suit you:

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Find My Pension

Never worry about your lost pensions again.


We understand that losing what is rightfully yours can be a hard feeling to cope with, especially when it comes to your funds. You deserve better, which is why we offer you our Find My Pension service to help trace your pension and give you the funds you deserve completely free of charge.

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Charities Initiative
You Give We Give

Every so often a really good idea comes along and You Give We Give is a great example of one. Gifts to charity can often be a ‘one-off’ but many people also like to give a regular amount. Bear in mind though that, sometimes, with regular donations, they could start to happen at the wrong time and inevitably some will be cancelled – and it may be some time before they are restarted.

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