Budget 2014: Greater choice in pensions explained

At the moment people don’t have full flexibility when accessing their defined contribution pension during their retirement – they are charged 55% tax if they withdraw the whole pot. We’re announcing that from April 2015, people aged 55 and over will only pay their marginal rate of income tax on anything they withdraw from their defined contribution pension – either 0%, 20%, 40% or 45%.

IntelliFlo Case Study

launched in July 2013 as the first post RDR national business model in the UK. The model is to run a national IFA service whose focus is on ‘Virtual’ specialist advisers as well as regionally based advisers. Its aim is to transform the financial services landscape and help to rebuild consumer trust in the industry.

Face-to-face services phased out by digital advance

By Iona Bain in Manchester | Published on ftadvisor.com May 08, 2014

The digital revolution will radically diminish the desire for face-to-face services in the financial sector, Chris Skinner has claimed.

The chairman of the Financial Services Club said that it was now possible for consumers to conduct the entire mortgage application process virtually.