George Osborne’s New Economic Plan

Our 2015 Autumn Statement Review
The Chancellor of the Exchequer today delivered what was effectively his fourth Autumn Statement or Budget delivered over the last 12 months.

The Autumn Statement is the government’s Spending Review, where they set out the budgets for each of its departments.

NISAs – End of Year Savings Review

As the end of the year approaches and you start to finalise your tax return, taking stock of the performance of your savings is an essential task for anyone who wants to see their personal wealth grow effectively year on year.

This blog is a useful guide to savers who invest in NISAs and want more for their money.

When To Start Teaching Children About Money

You can get your children on the path to financial security at an early age.

Financial planning is a good habit to instil in kids from an early age. Putting them in control of money now will help navigate them throughout the financial ups and downs of adulthood, and put them on track to realise their financial goals in later years, whatever they might be.

Tech Review: Gary Beck tests out the Personal Finance Portal

I first decided to try out Intelliflo’s Personal Finance Portal (PFP) online hub when in August it became a standard part of the Intelligent Office package with no additional cost to my clients.

Setting it up was easy from a technology point of view but it did require an investment in time from our admin team and myself to ensure that all the right information was input for each client.

Every Couple Should Have This Financial Conversation

It can be hard to define the point when two people become a couple, planning to be together for the years to come. When it does happen however it can be an appropriate time to make sure that all practicalities are addressed. This means ensuring that you and your partner are aligned financially as well as emotionally.

How To Build A Nest Egg For Your Child’s Future

Whatever your child wants to do when they're older, preparing a nest egg for them can be a great help when the time comes for them to spread their wings and fly the nest. As an added bonus, showing your child how to manage the family finances in order to create personal wealth can be a valuable lesson in itself.

Don’t Leave It Too Long To Get Life Insurance

When you get Life insurance, it can make the difference between being able to focus on dealing with grief and being forced to confront harsh financial realities at a hugely painful time.

While the statistical likelihood of dying goes up with age, death claims even young lives.

Becoming a Buy to Let Property Investor

Talk of “the housing market” often focuses on buying property, in particular the challenges facing first time buyers. There are, however, a number of people for whom renting is an appropriate lifestyle choice.

The most obvious example of this is younger people, who are still forming relationships and establishing themselves professionally.

How to Repay Your Mortgage Early

Given that a mortgage is usually a long-term commitment, sometimes a significant one. To repay your mortgage early can be a major financial and personal milestone.
The practicalities of overpaying a mortgage
There are essentially two parts to a mortgage.