Money Resolutions To Make Sure You Have An Affluent New Year

Cynics will tell you that no new year resolution lasts after January 31st and that the correct way to start the new year is under a cloud of pessimism and apathy.

Many people who have tried to make positive changes in their lives after a Christmas of eating, spending, and boozing often find their good intentions are lost and they are back into bad habits before the Christmas decorations have been taken down.

Remortgaging Benefits and Pitfalls

According to a survey carried out by Ipsos Mori for Panorama, 31% of people who rent or have a mortgage find that payments take up more than a third of their total household income.

Even if your mortgage payments are below this level, if they are a significant part of your budget then getting the best possible deal could be a significant boost to the family finance and ultimately to your personal wealth.

5 New Year Financial Resolutions For Your Wallet

Having a plan for your finances in 2016 is essential to make the most of your money. If you want to maximise your wealth and have more money each month, here are five simple steps that can safeguard your income.
1. Set Financial Goals
If 2016 is going to be a prosperous year for you, you need to start it with a clear financial plan.

4 Steps to Escape Debt For Good

There's lots of good advice available on how to get out of debt. The reality though, is that getting out of debt can be a bit like dieting. Even though, ultimately, it can do you good, the process itself isn't necessarily a whole lot of fun.

Making it fun may be a bit too much of a stretch, but there are ways to keep yourself motivated.

Will You Be A Silver Entrepreneur?

Retirement isn’t what it used to be. A century ago, when old age pensions were first introduced, life expectancy was far lower than it is today.

After a life of hard manual work, most people of retirement age had approximately five years to savour the meagre entitlements available, before shuffling off this mortal coil aged, on average, 52.

The future for retirees today could not be more different, the years that follow the end of a working life are no longer counted in single digits but normally, decades.

What Next For Inflation?

Britain has tipped back into deflationary territory as consumer prices were pushed in to negative territory for the first time since April.

The UK's inflation rate as measured by the Consumer Prices Index remained at -0.1% in October 2015, the Office for National Statistics said on 17 November.

The Best Christmas Present for Your Children

Type “unwanted gift” into eBay and see how many results you get. In theory, it may be the thought that counts, in practice these days it's far from unusual for recipients to turn gifts they would prefer to forget into cash via sites like eBay.

Some people might find themselves the unwitting donors of such items due to reluctance to give cash as a present.

Your End Of Year Savings Review

If one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2016 is to improve your finances and ensure that you maximise your savings, the new tax year is an important time.

New increased limits on tax exempt savings pots in the form of NISAs will come into effect and in the new year NISA providers will be offering the best deals in the hope they will get your business.