Our Inheritance Tax Checklist

Inheritance Tax - IHT - is one tax we never like to think about. But your family and other beneficiaries could lose a lot of money to the taxman if you don’t take the right steps now.

We all know there here’s no escaping death or taxes – but by understanding what is involved in IHT and some forward planning, it’s possible to make the latter a little less of a nightmare for those we leave behind.

Being Paid With Dividends? The changes you should know about

Do you run a business? Does a high proportion of your income come from shares or funds outside an ISA or pension? Then you could be looking at a cut in your income – thanks to some major changes to the way dividends are taxed.

But if you simply enjoy a return from investments, these same changes could see you slightly better off…

Across the country, business owners are steeling themselves for a tax change.

Closing Holes In Your Safety Net.

We often ask ourselves ‘What if the worst happens?’ We look at how to create your own welfare state and fill the holes in your financial safety net.

If the very worst happens, most of us have life assurance to take care of those we leave behind. But what if we manage to avoid the worst, but find that accident or illness left us unable to work?

The bills don’t stop coming in, even if your income does.

Why Cash Isn’t a Safe Investment

The global economy may not be as sick as it was back in 2008, but recovery is slow. Seven years of Quantitative Easing (QE) and record low interest rates seem to be the only cure. But there are some nasty side effects for savers.

Saturday 5th March marked the seventh anniversary of the day the Bank of England cut interest rates to their current historic low of 0.5%. It’s stayed there ever since, and turned all the old wisdom about savings upside down.

The Lifetime Allowance: Making Alternative Plans For Retirement

The Lifetime Allowance was introduced five years ago, and most of us thought that it was only ever going to affect the wealthiest in the land. However, we may all have been wrong. The level of the Lifetime Allowance has fallen steadily, and the latest reductions - that comes into effect this week – will see thousands more people discovering that they may have to rethink their pension plans.

The Lifetime ISA and Buying Your First Home.

The Government's new flexible Lifetime ISA, unveiled in the Budget, could be very good news for savers, homebuyers and those taking a long term view of retirement. Among other things, it will offer a tax-free boost of up to £1,000 a year to put toward a deposit for your first home.

EU Referendum and Your Business

Would we be better off staying in the EU – should Britain be the first country to take its leave – and with almost half of UK exports going to the EU, what could it mean for your business?

These are questions we all need to think about in the in the run-up to the 23 June in-out referendum.