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AHFS Holdings PLC was incorporated on 17th July 2013 and became the 100% shareholder of Alexander House Financial Services Limited. The Director for both parent and subsidiary is Nick Kelly. Our plans are to grow a consumer centric advice businesses that mixes traditional values with very innovative ideas on how to provide advice to our customers.


AHFS Holdings PLC is committed to providing a fair and honest business model that will provide consistent support to any of its investors in appreciation of your support of us. We have a strong business model and an innovative approach to compliance to increase the security of the business. Please download our Investor Framework for more details.

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AHFS Holdings PLC are pleased to be launching a national advisory business. We want to work with quality product and fund managers who want to build a better, more reputable industry. We want your support and want to tell the world how you are helping our advisers and our customers. Please download our Provider Support Framework.

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