Online, Low-cost Investment Solution

Just want low-cost, online and simple way to start investing regular or lump sums of money, but want to know this is backed up by a professional advice practice if you need more complex advice? Alexander House Financial Services would like to introduce you to ‘Alchemy’ – hoping to transmute your lead into gold

Capital at risk, investments and the income from
them can fall as well as rise


Alchemy is Alexander House Financial Services’s new online system that allows you to access a managed portfolio of passive funds at a much lower cost to more traditional advice routes. We use a cutting-edge platform from Parmenion to invest your money in funds chosen by our experienced investment committee and managed by CAERUS Portfolio Management.

You can invest in an ISA wrapper (if you are eligible) or just in a general investment account and your monies will be invested in a A portfolio of funds chosen by our investment committee managed by CAERUS Portfolio Management Limited and using the award-winning online system and platform from Parmenion.

Once you have decided to invest with us you will also be eligible to access our 'Smart Alex' client portal, which provides you with many extra benefits, including:

  • Access to our newsletters
  • Ability to see all of your investments, savings and policies in one place.
  • Ability to add bank accounts for ¬£1 pm so you can really see all of your finances together
  • Access to secure communications
  • Access to our award-winning advice team, if required. We are a Chartered Financial Planning Firm

Attitude to Risk

The key to investing money for growth is to take as much risk as you are comfortable with, in general terms the more risk, the more flexible and the longer you can invest for ....the more potential return you will get but also the more potential loss you could incur.

Watch this video to have that explained in more detail


Our charges for Alchemy

Once you go through the system you will be provided with an online report that will outline all of the charges. You will quickly realise that this is a cost-effective way to start saving and until you are ready to or need to take full advice, will provide you with an easy self-service guided solution.


Getting started

This is the easy bit. Press here and follow the instructions.


Need help or an advisor?

If at any time you don't want to go it alone, we can give you help using our ‘chat’ box below, ring our contact centre or if you think you may prefer more comprehensive advice we can arrange for a Skype meeting at your convenience.

If you have reached retirement and want to make sure your money lasts a lifetime or have more complex needs

it's time you talk to a real-life advisor from AHFS. We save you from headaches and leverage our financial expertise to help you make the most out of your hard-earned money.

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Capital at risk, investments and the income from
them can fall as well as rise