Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Commercial Loans

Are you planning to take over the world or do you just need some money so you can buy your own premises and stop paying rent to another entrepreneur?

Commercial Finance isn’t as easy as getting a personal mortgage – are you a limited company, partnership or sole trader? Will you need to give personal guarantees or use business assets as security? Can you raise money via attractive tax schemes such as Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) or Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs)?

You are great at running your business and would never dream of giving a job to someone who wasn’t experienced or competent in the role, so why waste your time trying to raise money when WE are already experienced and competent.


You have refinanced your business and have secured the funding you need, but what happens to your business should anything happen to you or your fellow partners or directors?

You can take out cover for a specific term (Term Assurance) or for your entire life (Whole of Life – WOL). This can cover two single lives or be on a joint basis; you can cover just your debts or add additional business protection. Most importantly these may benefit being placed into trust to avoid delays in the event of your death or to avoid them ending up with the tax man.

This isn’t a trivial decision and it WILL make all the difference, enabling a business to continue to be a going concern in the event of a death. Don’t leave it to a comparison site and simply select the cheapest product rather than finding out which policy actually meets your needs best. This is also the time to write your will.

Business Insurance

You have bought your business premises and you’re ready to move in your belongings. Whether you have people working onsite, customers visiting or you supply critical services, planning for the unexpected can be the difference between being a going concern and one that has lost everything because of a serious claim against you.

You will need to cover your buildings and contents and you may also want to think about business indemnity insurance cover in case the worst happens. But how much do you need, what happens if you under-insure the value and how do you identify the right insurance policies for your particular business?

Your job is to run your specific business as well as you can and generate good customers and strong profits. Don’t let bad planning stop this happening when you need to be focused on your business.

Key Fact: Corporation tax has been cut to 20%, coming into effect from April 2015. This means the UK will have the lowest rate of corporation tax in Europe - and that should mean that we see a lot more businesses who want to come and ‘set up shop’ in the UK.

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