Protecting Your Family

Life Assurance

It's the last thing you want to think about, but what will happen if you or your partner dies- will they or you cope financially? Can outstanding family debts be repaid so income doesn't need to be diverted? Can the children be brought up and educated the way you both wanted? It is possible to make a significant difference for as little as £5 pm so why wouldn’t you do that?

You can take cover for a specific term (Term assurance) or for the whole of your life (Whole of life cover); on a single life or payable on you both on first death or second death; It can be decreasing, increasing or level; you can have benefits as a lump sum or as an income; It can be renewable or convertible; And most importantly it may need to be put into trust to avoid delays on your death or losing money to the tax man.

These are not trivial decisions and will a huge difference to your family when it counts, so why would you leave it to a comparison site in the hope of simply getting the cheapest product?

Critical Illness

Are you more likely to die or have a serious illness before the age of 65? You may be surprised to know that you are 5 times as likely to suffer a serious illness. Everyone knows someone who has had a serious health issue and can see how frightening and debilitating it can be. The last thing you need to do is worry about money while that is happening.

You can easily provide for yourself and your family but the choices are important. What illnesses are covered on a contact; how serious does the illness have to be to get paid; what happens if you are not in the best health anyway. Also, as with life cover, do you need it for a set age? How much do you need? How does that fit in with your other financial priorities?

You happily buy insurance to protect against your car breaking down, yet it is going to cost far more if you have health problems? You can combine Critical Illness cover easily with life cover- see our sliders to see how easy it is.

Income Protection

Ok, so you don’t have a major illness but your company only pays you for short while if you are off sick. Where are you going to get an income from when that runs out? Living off the State isn't a realistic option for most people and there are many illnesses or accidents that can keep you off work for months or years even.

You probably think that any cover will do, but every supplier has a different contract and there are a range of important factors such as how long you need cover for; when it should start? Will it affect anything else you are entitled to? Are you eligible?

Confused? Most people are. But sorting it out is easier than you think. You can get all of these benefits in one place and we can help you work out the best combination – just ask…

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