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Back in 2012, a new law was introduced meaning millions of working people are eligible to start saving for the first time in a workplace pension. You may already be doing this; if not, you will be affected if you have employees:


22 or over and under State Retirement Age



Over minimum eligible income – currently £10,000 pa



Working in UK and not in other qualifying scheme

However, other categories of employees must also be given the opportunity to join your scheme if they wish, so it is required that you have one in place.

Without a proper Auto-Enrolment scheme, your business could be facing fines from £50 to £10000 per day depending on your size along with an immediate £400 fixed penalty fee. With that in mind, AHFS offers comprehensive advice on Auto-Enrolment including informative employee seminars, or a guided online route for smaller companies.

So stay compliant while keeping your employees happy and informed with Auto-Enrolment consultation from AHFS.

Auto-Enrolment schemes can take up to a year to implement

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Alexander House Financial Services specialise in assisting companies and business owners with all of their financial needs. Most importantly we can help you get your auto-enrolment scheme in place before your staging date and make sure you avoid being late and potentially suffering penalties or fines. You may already have existing arrangements for employees and Directors, such as SIPP’s, Stakeholder or Personal Pension Plans that would need assessing for auto-enrolment purposes. We can assess the more complex pension arrangements like these to ensure they match the criteria for the qualifying rules of the new Defined Contribution Schemes regulations. The 2014 Budget changes have made pension planning more attractive than ever before, so why not use this opportunity to review all of your financial plans for the future? We can offer you advice via Skype, telephone, email and even Face to Face with a qualified Adviser if required, to fit into your busy schedule and be on hand whenever you need us, to help you through the process. Please note that this type of advice on auto-enrolment and workplace pensions is NOT regulated and authorised by the FCA. But you should also be aware that as a regulated firm, we always use the same approach with you to ensure we provide consistent, high-quality advice on all aspects of financial planning, not just Auto Enrolment.

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