The Guide To New State Pension

Whether you’re on the cusp of lifting your state pension, a fully paid up pensioner, or just planning your retirement, it’s something we all have to think about at some point in our lives.

For many of us, retirement represents a unique opportunity where we have time on our hands, freedom from the drudgery of work and child rearing to live out an adventure that we always dreamed of.

Thousands warned their pension may be at risk

Workers who were automatically enrolled into a pension at work may lose their savings.
Thousands of people who have been enrolled into a pension scheme at work could lose all their savings. The Pensions Regulator says the problem lies in the fact that some 'master trust' pension schemes may be too small to survive, while some may be being run by people who are not up to the task.

How Much Should You Take Out Of Your Pension Pot?

No one is as wise, prudent or capable of self restraint as they think they are.

When we think of a large sum of money, £100,000 say, we tend to think in terms of what it might buy: An incredible car, several years travelling round the world, a large new extension transforming our house into a dream home, or continued financial security in our old age?

The latter is, of course, less exciting, less glamorous, and less fun, but far more important, which is why, when savers became eligible to draw down their pensions, everyone urged them to exercise a degree of caution.

Fancy Retiring to an Exotic Marigold Hotel?

In the UK today 40 percent of people consistently put away too little money each month to fund the cost of their retirements. Too many people simply spend for today being unaware that tomorrow waits for nobody.

Throughout the working lives for many of us the day on which we will need to draw on our pensions seems consistently far away.