Is Now The Time To Buy More Shares?

It was a tough start to the year for investors. We went straight into a Bear market, where the stock market fell significantly, and the FTSE 100 has fallen by a massive 20% from its April 2015 highs.

So is now the time to look for buying opportunities and invest in more shares?

Watching the value of your investments collapse in a big market sell-off is an alarming experience, and all the more so if you are hoping your portfolio will fund your retirement.

Protect Your Business from the Ultimate Risk

Regardless of our legal obligation to implement health and safety legislation, it’s in our interests as employers to look after the well-being of our staff. As responsible employers we do everything in our power to protect our employees.

But, have you ever thought about how would you protect your key staff were they never to turn up for work again?

As a key link in your value chain, have you thought about who would handle your client relationships or be that go to guy when something is not working? Would your business survive intact and at what cost? What if that person was you? Just how would you protect your business?

Well perhaps it’s time to stop leaving it all to chance and consider how important life insurance is to your business continuity.