Trivial Pension Rules Avert Personal Crisis

I was in a real state- I had just been told that the front of my house was collapsing, I had no insurance and no savings to sort this out. Fortunately I spoke to one of the advisors at Alexander House FS® and they showed me how I could use the new pension rules (triviality) to use that money. I will miss having the pension but would have missed more losing my house.

He was really understanding and helpful and agreed to do it for an hourly rate, and kept the costs to a minimum. But what was really lovely was that when it came to paying the company decided that I needed it more than they did and did it on a pro bono basis. Apparently one of their Directors had heard about the case and decided that ‘sometimes everyone just needs a favour so let’s do something nice for this lady today’

I would highly recommend this company- they obviously have amazing ethics and are all very professional.

Ann V.
New Customer July 2014